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love the artwok and style of this game.

Just a heads up: by putting all versions in one zip, you've made the game incompatible with the launcher!

Ebi-hime, you are one talented artist. This was a phenomenal piece of fiction and would rank high with some of my favorite Yuri stories of all time. The writing was superb, the visuals gorgeous, the music quite moving, and overall I feel there are very few ways this could possibly be any better. You hands down, easily did the best out of everyone. Keep up the good work.


Loved the game, and thanks for the extra bonus scene! ;)

Thank you! There should be another bonus scene soon, too... >w<

I loved it. Emmeline reminded me of myself, and she was funny, despite her story. The ending was heartwarming as well. I'd like to know where I can find the song in the credits though.

Aw, thank you! The ending song is by a band called Hungry Lucy, and it's called Her Song. You can find the song on the band's jamendo page here! I'm a fan of the band, so you could check out some of their other albums as well, if you want!


I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The writing was very well done and the story itself was quaint, innocent, and very refreshing.

Awesome work, guys!

What a thoroughly wonderful story! Thank you for creating and sharing it. I should be writing my latest novel, but I certainly don't regret spending my time with this lovely story, gorgeous artwork, and delicate music. The programming was inspiring. This goes into that small list of favorites that I will view again from time to time in the future. I am very grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in this. Thank you.