Android build added

Hello everyone!

I've been going through some of my more recently released VNs to add Android builds, and now it's Girlfriend Simulator's turn. You can now read this VN on your phone or tablet if you want. Wow, how cool is that?!

I also fixed a minor display bug in the German translation, and I decided to edit the "wake up" screen. Now, the VN will reset itself and wipe your persistent data when you've reached the true ending, so you can replay the story for any endings you might have missed without having to delete any of the game's files yourself.

I hope this makes the VN a more enjoyable experience for any potential new readers!

- ebi x

Files 146 MB
Apr 08, 2023 112 MB
Apr 08, 2023
com.ebihime.gfsim-release.apk 128 MB
Apr 08, 2023

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