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Loved it!

thank you! i'm glad you liked it!

Thank u very much.Before meet lily, I used to think that only Japanese VNs were good enough. Its luckyly that I encounter the girl.  A little  pity, I cant afford the flash cards on steam.

Hi Ebi-Hime, is there anyway for you to upload the old version of this one or are you gonna be sticking with this? I'm gonna buy this on steam of course. 

I do still have the original version of the VN saved on my laptop, but I don't think uploading it would be a good idea because people might just download that for free instead of buying the new version, which would make the remake... unnecessary? I also don't want people reading the inferior version when there's a better version available u_u

I see. I understand, but yes an improved version is much better experience rather than the prototype.  And yes, I still saved it too in my PC,  and I'm keeping it  till I buy the new one. XD

omg... the visual novel is amazing!! and it got to me in so many ways! "there are no second chance"

thank you so much for working on it! I'm sure remember it and I'll probably cry for the rest of my life

haha thank you u_u I'm glad you like it!
There is a way to revert the game back to a readable state, if you would like.

yeah I know! thank you soso much♥♥♥

btw is there any name for the protagonist or is it on purpose? :)