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I’m not exaggerating when I say this was such a fucking fantastic read.

Absolutely loved the story. Really puts you into the shoes of Mitsuki and how he feels about Kyouko, Tama, his family and everyone around him. The anticipation and build-up to the inevitable kiss and then relationship, was so awesome!

The art, music, story, dialogue/monologue was so beautifully nuanced and made to perfection, that I wish I could erase my memory and read it all over again, just so I could experience the feeling of reading it again! 

I am not lying when I say that if I had the money, I would pay an anime studio to animate this story for a slice-of-life. Idc if it’s going to be the worst or best anime ever, but I would die to watch this thing with voice actors and some more insight to the things that happen in between everything. And also to see the characters animated and conversations with each other - since they’re so perfectly drawn! Doesn't even have to be a long anime, could just be 7-15 episodes and I’d watch it. 

Here’s to hoping for an anime adaptation! And you should definitely consider trying to write stuff similar to this, it’s super different and fresh! Maybe even consider a sequel one day, post-exams and relationships. I would for sure buy that as well and read it with such passion

This is a super late reply (I'm very sorry about that ;a;) but thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed The Language of Love so much!

I think it'd be incredible if I could see an anime adaptation of one of my stories one day, though I don't think this is particularly probable. I'm not well-enough for that, haha ;; (And it's probably a bit of a barrier that I'm not Japanese!)

One can always dream, though!

I don't tend to write BxG stories all that much, as I worry I'm not too good at writing believable male narrators, but I might try and take a few more shots at it in the future!


Your portrayal of Mitsuki was awesome! I adore when male characters are more open and show off their feelings, it’s what I always look for in a great slice-of-life! 

Please feel free to try it again if you desire one day, but I will for sure look into your other stories💪🏼

This was a fantastic read!!

Had several laughs, the romance had fabulous pacing, the music is great and fitting, and the art is beautiful and super well done. It felt like there was a lot of attention to detail too with small character animations, sound effects, and miscellaneous environmental effects (like the lightning).

I really appreciate the effort put into making a VN that differs from the usual tropes. I've spent more time than I'm willing to admit browsing VNDB trying to find romance-focused visual novels with characters/art that catch my attention that don't start with "our high school protagonist finds himself in abc setting with xyz/supernatural twist". That's not to say there aren't VNs that don't execute this amazingly (Fruit of Grisaia still contains my favorite romance story ever), but I think it takes an exceptionally creative writer to deliver a compelling story about a serious scenario like this. Single parenting is incredibly common in the real world, especially the older you get, but it's largely ignored at least in this medium. It actually felt too like Kyouko's thoughts and actions reflected those of a real single mom with her Disney-happily-ever-after naivety shattered early on.

Overall wonderful job, and I'm happy to share a positive review anywhere else it may help so that others get to enjoy this work too.

PS: I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who thought the choice in H scenes having no consequences was weird the first time I saw it!

Bit of a late reply, but thank you so much for your kind comment! It really is appreciated! I'm very glady you enjoyed the story!
Maybe I should write more BxG romance stories; I don't tend to do it a lot. I imagine more BxG stories which aren't set in high school would be appreciated? :p

And I used to be so innocent when I started reading VNs... I've since learnt a lot about the common tropes present in them, after consuming so many of them myself, haha ;;

I must ask, is there any chance of a sequel? *^_^*  I'd like to know more about what happens with the side characters.. (and... squee at some more Mitsuki/Kyouko sweetness, I admit)

I don't have any plans for a sequel right now. It's not impossible, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
I'm glad you liked The Langauge of Love, though! Thank you for your kind comments!

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