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This VN was an instant buy for me (I got the Steam version) when it came out; I love the atmosphere created by the text, art and music. Tragedies in which the characters' flaws play a role are my favorite ever. 

I still come back and re-read this one from time to time because the words are so beautiful~


Aaa thank you! That's very kind of you; it means a lot! >_<;;
I was very fond of Actress when I was working on it. For a while, it was one of my favourite VNs I'd ever written. I'm still fond of Marius and Liliane as characters; I had a lot of fun writing their interactions.

It was very satisfying trying to make the writing suitably pretty; I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This says it comes with a Steam key, but it's not showing up for me on the download page

It does indeed come with a key, and I can see that they haven't all been claimed. Maybe it's a glitch on's end and you should message them about it?

The issue has been solved after I emailed support. Looks like because I bought a bunch of games at once due to the sale that it looked suspicious to the automated system, so the sales had to be reviewed before releasing the keys

Oh, that's good! I'm glad you were able to get the issue resolved!


Beautiful game! Would you be interested in working with a publisher to release on steam?


It's already on Steam.