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This visual novel feels almost cinematic. It's clear that a lot of love has been put into the writing and the characters. The storytelling is superb, so are the visuals. The banter between Mireille and Lyon is hilarious and the plot twist in the end is shocking.

Hi Ebi-Hime

I enjoyed all the funny moments between Mireille and Lyon through their travel, I was shocked with the ending, I did not cry but I almost closed  the VN, I was not expecting something like this at all.

Well made visual novel as always and I love the art style of Sillyselly.

The music is really nice too, I like it.


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm very fond of Lyon and Miri myself. For a while, they were my favourite characters I'd ever written. Their banter was a lot of fun to write!


Oh shit, I wasn't expecting this.

In multiple ways... Lol, I misread the description at first and thought there was more than one guy in the story. I didn't really like Lyon *insert laughing emoji here because itch won't take emojis*. But once I realized that this story was just about their journey, I sat back and enjoyed. Wow...!


Lyon is pretty obnoxious, I agree haha ;; He was a lot of fun to write, though!
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I did not ask for this onslaught of emotions, thank you very much. I want a refund on the heart that I did not expect to be paying with.

That being said, this was an amazing game. The art was beautiful, the writing was immaculate, the storyline was captivating, an all around amazing game. I am glad I stumbled across this and I would certainly play it again.


Gorgeous - all the characters look like crafted porcelain - and the writing is on point - thank you thank you thank you.


The art is sooo beautiful! O//o

Hello! I wonder how to contact you by email or FaceBook maybe? :)

Sure u_u My email is u///u