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Oh no! Our heroine is in trouble!

Ceren is a cute high school girl who has one major problem – she’s failing practically all of her classes! She needs some help before its too late, but is there anybody out there who has the patience to teach her?!

Read the story from Ceren’s perspective, choose which subject you want to focus on, and see who your tutor will be. With six different tutors and six possible outcomes, perhaps Ceren will make new friends, new enemies, or even fall in love! ☆

  • 6 individual character routes, with 3 boys and 3 girls
  • Around 60,000 words
  • Familiar faces from other ebi-hime stories
  • Custom artwork by Kuroneko and DarkChibiShadow
  • A custom OST by TyberAlyx
  • GUI by WinterMochie
  • A collection of art pieces from the visual novel that can be downloaded for $0.99
  • A super sweet and light-hearted story ☆


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I've only done one route so far, but I'm not really happy with it. The choice for what subject to get a tutor in determines the route without giving you any idea of who is tutoring you, so it doesn't feel like you're given a choice of route at all. I picked French because I like the language and I thought it would be a neat thing to start with. Then it gave me Lyon. Lyon is absolutely repulsive. He is creepy and gross and I kept going, hoping that eventually there'd be another choice to express that, to drop him or something? But nope. I got stuck dealing with creepy gross Lyon, and the MC just kept putting up with it like he was just being quirky or something instead of consistently ignoring her feelings and boundaries. So gross.

So yeah, I'm not happy with it. At least it means none of the other routes have Lyon? I hope.

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I just started it but I arleady like it :)

Cute artstyle with good BGs, great sprites and few nice CGs. 

I really like characters a lot. Each of them is interesting, different and with own style and personality. I like that evry person at school has different style of wearing uniform. It's very interesting and important detail.

Plot is nice. Few "romance" options, each with own route. It's easy to choose a route. And all the endings are good. Plus it's pretty long game as for VN, especially when you try to get few endings.  I was a bit disappointed that all the endings are rather "Friend End" than "Love End" type. 

I recognized only two people form other ebi-home's games I've play...


Edit: 1st time I finished De Quincey's route. Wow. She so energetic, funny and original. I really like her style and personality.  Her route was almost as cute and funny as she is. ♥ 

She is from  "Asphyxia" another game I haven't play beacause I don't like Kinetic Novels

Edit2: 2nd route I finished is Nanami's. 

But really. I took me moment to realise she's Nanami from "Lucky You, Lucky Me" another amazing game :) .And well, Ryo is here too. Wow. But technicly you changed everything about them except look, personalities and their frienship. It's like they are other versions from different universe.

Edit3:  Selene is very adorable. But it's Hattie's (hottie xD) route this time. And Hattie is very pretty, popular, nice, kind and smart. I like her. :) She is good tutor, too. Indeed Clair is " 'interestiong' character' . Hattie is story is a bit surprisingly dark. And oh men, Toma is very dark person, some kind of goth ,I guess.  She makes Hattie worry with her unusual, "unfriendly", "avoiding" behavior. Well, I'm glad that we finally found the reason of it. But it's a bit sad that's not realted to MC. 

Ok, I got it know. They are from "Sad Story of Emily Burns" the game I haven't played... yet....

And Lyon - "Empty Horizons", Constance "Blackbery honey", another game I haven't play