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Oh no! Our heroine is in trouble!

Ceren is a cute high school girl who has one major problem – she’s failing practically all of her classes! She needs some help before its too late, but is there anybody out there who has the patience to teach her?!

Read the story from Ceren’s perspective, choose which subject you want to focus on, and see who your tutor will be. With six different tutors and six possible outcomes, perhaps Ceren will make new friends, new enemies, or even fall in love! ☆

  • 6 individual character routes, with 3 boys and 3 girls
  • Around 60,000 words
  • Familiar faces from other ebi-hime stories
  • Custom artwork by Kuroneko and DarkChibiShadow
  • A custom OST by TyberAlyx
  • GUI by WinterMochie
  • A collection of art pieces from the visual novel that can be downloaded for $0.99
  • A super sweet and light-hearted story ☆


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This visual novel is a great fandisk for the fans of Ebi-Hime's older works. It's a school AU featuring the characters from various VNs of Ebi-Hime. Kazuki, DeQuincey, Hattie, Toma, Lyon, Nanami, Ryo, Robin, Clair, Selene, Paya, Taohua, Constance. If these names sound familiar to you, then you may give this VN a try^^

I've played four of the routes so far and I've enjoyed them but all of them were solidly friendship at the end and I was hoping for a romance! I'll see how the next two routes go. 

It's definitely more of a friendship-focused story than an explicitly romantic one: maybe because the characters are all from other VNs of mine, so they have canonical partners in the stories they're actually from haha ;;
I guess part of me thought it would feel odd to explicitly hook them up with the main character. I'm glad you found the story enjoyable despite that, though!

I was only surprised because the summary asked if you'd make a new enemy, become friends, or even find romance so I kept expecting at least one route to do that lol

I have to say it, Kazuki is an angel. #1 best boi. Wish it was longer, Amazing characters as well.


Haha, thank you very much! I'm glad you like Kazuki!
If you're fond of him as a character, you can get more of him if you read Strawberry Vinegar (another VN of mine): he puts in an appearance there, too!

Im definitely going to have to check it out then!

Ok so I am going to put down which subject is for which character, (as it doesn't say anywhere here or in game)

Biology - Kazuki (pink haired boy) (my precious cinnamon roll!)

English - De Quincey (blue haired girl)

French - Lyon (white haired guy)

Chemistry - Nanami (brown haired girl with the hat)

Math - Robin (black haired boy)

Physics - Hattie (other girl with (light) brown hair and no hat)