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Wow. I like this game even if it's rather not yuri (in any meaning) and kinetic (I usually don't even play them couse I don't like them). Really, I think it's nice game.

Well... Let's start from the artstyle. Yeah... Artstyle is great. Very well done sprites. And this sad-gray backgrounds and stuff. From the begenning I felt like it'll be rather sad story... 

Both MC and her friends have interesting personalities and styles. Nanami is cute and joyful and charming. She is cute and she like very femme, girly pink dresses, I can say. While, Ryu is a bit goth-type realist and smart one. And his style... Very girly (or rather dark-sad-goth-girly) and "busty". He'd be great girl, I guess. 

Well It's not not story about dating or finding love or screwing. It's rather sad story about being alone after being dumped and it also shows how hard reality is and how we shouldn't judge the book by the cover and how it's to have good (and even best) friend by your side in all these hard times in your live. Really this game can give you so serious lesson about live.

Maybe more about plot... I like it... It''s original... And ending isn't good... I loved the dialoques between Ryu and MC,and Nanami monologues are grea too.

And maybe it has has only one a bit small plot twist (if I can call I can call it "plot twist") but it's enough, I think. And it's good and long enough and very beautiful story.



Hi Ebi-Hime!

I don't know if you will read this (you probably will), but I just wanted to say I loved this! I enjoyed the kind of 'chilled vibe' this VN had. And in the end I really liked the story too! Maybe, just maybe, is there a possibility you could make Lucky Me, Lucky You 2? Like, I don't know, something that has to do with Jun tracking down Nanami (Or something else of course)? Well, this is just a suggestion but I loved Lucky Me, Lucky You anyways!

Good luck in the future


Thank you for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I'm not interested in writing a sequel, but I think LMLU is kind of similar tonally to another VN I've been working on, so if you liked this one, you might like that. Though, this VN will be commercial, and it's not finished yet, orz
But I'll do my best >_<

No problem! I'll be looking out for the VN you're working on. :D