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Note: While this is a light-hearted story, the main character is a fan of yanderes, and all of their unhealthy behaviours. As such, some yandere traits are discussed (though briefly) in the story. The story also involves frequent coarse language, as the main character curses a lot in his internal narration.

Mamiya Hibiki is a regular guy with not so regular interests. He’s a huge fan of the decade-old drama series Possessive Boyfriends, and his favourite character by far is Kirisaki Shin: a deranged yandere who expresses his love with continuous threats of entrapment, torture, and murder.

Hibiki’s dull corporate job is a draining one, and to make his commutes to work less unbearable, he takes to listening to Shin’s dulcet tones on the train in the early hours of the morning. The highest form of self-care, for Hibiki, comes in the form of fantasising about Shin, his beloved, brutally murdering him…

But the real world soon encroaches on his harmless(?) fantasies, when a scuffle on the train results in his headphone jack coming unplugged from his phone.

In an instant, Shin’s murderous expressions of amour are broadcast to the rest of the train: including a smug older man Hibiki takes to calling ‘that bastard’, who finds the whole debacle incredibly amusing.

Hibiki might enjoy fictional characters threatening to kill him, but he’s far less receptive about real men teasing him about these desires.

That’s what Hibiki thinks, at least – until he runs into his silver-tongued tormentor yet again, and things start to get serious…

- 16k worth of text (approx 40-60 mins of reading)
- A kinetic story with no choices/branches
- Original character artwork
- Banter
- Hibiki's wet, see-through shirt
- A light, comedic romance story

Story/programming: ebi-hime
Character art: Ayanobro
Additional art: Renmiou
Background art: Minikle, Z
UI: Elduator
Music: Amachamusic, Music Material
Phone code: Nighten

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Boys' Love, Comedy, Kinetic Novel, LGBTQIA, Male protagonist, Ren'Py, Romance, Yaoi


LoToTo-1.0-market.zip 172 MB


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Is this getting a Mac release? :o

I did build the game with mac support, but I don't want to list it as being compatible with macs because a) mac support is a huge pain and b) I don't have a mac myself, so I can't test if it actually works.

You're free to download it and see if you can launch the .app file on your mac, but I can't guarantee it'll run.

I finally played this game and it's so cute in my opinion! However, my favourite part, which is probably not the same as every other person here, is when Hibiki  says, and I quote, "No way" and Hyuga returns that speech with "Yes way."

I have to remember that these guys are between the age of 24 and 30 something and stop myself from laughing as I imagine that in real life.

In all honesty, though I absolutely love the art style and the story. It's beautifully done and I love the way it ends, well done on a fantastic game <3

Thank you very much for reading it, and for taking the time to write such a nice comment! I'm glad you liked it! <3


...i say ciao and alas...

Hahaha, one of my friends read this VN and she responded in exactly the same way to that remark ;;;

Android version. Please. :') I must read it!

The UI wasn't coded with Android in mind, so it looks pretty rough emulated on Android. I'd have to recode the UI to make an Android port possible, and I don't really have the time to spend on that. I'm sorry if that's a disappointment!

oh, no problem. '^^ 

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This game. looks super funny and cute. I was wondering if there are any plans to make it available for other operating systems. I would really love to play it.  I only can if it's possible to make it available for mac, android, or Joiplay. (Joiplay sometimes helps run windows games on android. On Joiplay it doesn't let me get past the intro text).

Sorry, but I don't have any plans to port it to any other platforms. That would take more time and effort on my end than I'm willing to expend on a short, free VN like this.

Thank you for the reply. Also congratulations on finishing your game for the jam.  :)


The story was really enjoyable  and I liked the dynamic  between  the two characters. Despite  the short length,  the relationship  progression  was really natural,  and the story wrapped up nicely. The art was also really nice and fitting :D.


Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
The first draft was a little longer (it was around 23k), but I wound up cutting a bunch of words out to make it more streamlined. I'm glad the relationship progression didn't feel too rushed as a result!


What a delicious dynamic these characters have. I was fretting a bit about the title, in case Kazuya ended up being a psychopath, but this was a light-hearted, mischievous story that I'd recommend wholeheartedly.


Thank you very much! <3
And yeah, despite Hibiki's questionable tastes, there aren't any psycopaths in this VN haha ;;


help i practically have the same tastes as hibiki and i def fall for kazuya and his cringy lines -///-


Thank you! I'm glad you found Kazuya suitably dreamy, haha ;;




Really enjoyed reading through this a whole lot, Hibiki was a very funny and endearing narrator. I really like how you're able to adjust your writing style depending on the tone/setting of your VN, it's very impressive. Thank you for the cute gay disaster dorks.


Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! <3


The graphics are very stylish and beautiful!


The artists involved all did a great job; I'm very happy with how it looks!


not the demographic but i can certainly see the appeal