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Lilac is miserable.

Ignored by her callous parents and bullied by her peers at school, the young girl finds herself quite alone. Nobody wants to talk to her save Aislinn, her bubbly classmate, and Mrs Khoury, the school's councillor - but, even then, Lilac suspects they only do so out of pity.

The only person Lilac feels able to trust is her older brother, Jesse, but she has not seen him in what seems an eternity. He moved away from their small Cornish village two months prior to attend a university in the bustling capital of the country, London.

Lilac misses Jesse so intensely she can think of nothing else. As the days pass, she becomes more and more fixated upon him, until her obsession threatens to consume her.

When she learns that her brother will be coming back home for Christmas, at long last, she can't contain her excitement...

But her brother, as she soon discovers, is not alone. A strange woman has ensnared his heart in his absence, and Lilac finds her already fragile mental state unravelling faster still. She knows she must free her beloved brother from the grip of this wicked enchantress, no matter the cost, if she is ever to be happy again - but just how far is she willing to go...?

  • 45,000 words in length (approx 2 hours of reading)
  • Two different endings
  • Detailed character and background artwork
  • A fully custom, ambient OST with over 20 tracks
  • A hefty dosage of angst

Writing: ebi-hime
Sprite art: Momoriin
CG art: Renmiou
Background art: Keira
Music: SleepyAgents
UI: Haofeng
German translation: Saryana
Russian translation: Mikhail "KornyPony" Burov-Kosolapin
Spanish translation:  Aarón Acencio


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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(1 edit) (+1)

i didn't have the strength to look at the top choice ending ..i know pretty well how it goes

i am pretty much like Lilac in many ways , it's almost like looking at myself in a mirror

my childhood/teenager life has been so bad 

i was always bullied at school..whether the bullies

bullied me with words or by hitting me or throwing stuff at me , teachers never cared about me seeing that ..the few time i did retaliate i was the one being wrong , even a few teachers been bad to me

i was the problem child pretty much like Lilac

counselling stuff was pointless too and they were not as nice as miss Khoury is to Lilac

i never thought about killing the bullies but countless time i thought about hurting them.

one of the time i did retaliate i rammed into one of them ..through a glass door..which could have hurt us both bad with glass shards but i didn't care about it.

life at home always been bad too.

there always were injustice against me and my brother, unlike him i did fought back against injustice for both of us which led me to being hit or strangled a lot 

i love my brother a lot though not in a romantic way like Lilac

he has a good life unlike me , a wife and friends

there is not much time for me which annoys me ,

when i see him it's usually either with his wife or with his friends ,it's so rare when it is only me and him.

but well that's how adult life is.

characters art and backgrounds art is great too

the music goes well with it too i love it.

your visual novel is a masterpiece, you seem to grasp well how it is for people like Lilac


I feel a bit sad if you can relate to this story to such a degree, given it isn't particularly cheerful, but I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless!
Thank you very much for your kind words!

(1 edit) (+1)

i was not trying to make you  sad i am sorry  , i just had to say how much i can relate to that

anyway i shouldn't say more about it

i should probably check something light hearted !

This is probably the third indie VN I've played and the second off itch.io. I really enjoyed the music, art and overall storytelling.

If I'm to be completely honest I felt one of the endings felt a little too... melodramatic for my taste but that did not really leave a bad taste after the wonderful, atmospheric story that led up to it.

I'm glad I read/played and am eagerly starting to check out the rest of the works. Thank you for the effort you put into your projects.

This is a bit of a late reply, but thank you very much for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed reading Mermaid; your kind words are very much appreciated! <3

Hi! Does this come with a Steam key?

No, sorry.

Hi, I wanted to know if the Steam edition is censored in any way. Thank you!


The Steam and itch.io builds are exactly the same. There is no adult content in this VN to censor.