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Deeep huuge bow to you, Ebi-hime-sama, for this beautifull piece.

I had enormous pleasure reading it. 

Besides english isnt my native language, and recently for some particular reasons i had a large share of reading gruesome engRish texts, and after this your RitD was like a breath af fresh mountain air after a ride at the bottom of an overstuffed dump-truck (i bet, you didnt expect mentioning dumptrucks in a praising comment hehe:-D).

Seriously, thank you for your (as always) astonishing, atmospheric and soul-filled work.

Oh, and give my best regards to Mr Darksin for his amazing artwork (really, what a cuties :3)

Ah thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it!
I spent a lot of time editing and rewriting the dialogue so it would all flow naturally, I'm glad it paid off! >_<

Dont know about the others, but for uneducated non-native me it definitely paid off.

And btw if you dont mind clarify some thing that haunts me in the nights - whats the story with "outside.png", "outside2" and warp-connected houses? :-D

Aspen and Mrs Leigh's homes are described as semi-detached in the story, but the background artist didn't draw it correctly (he drew them as two separate houses), and I didn't notice the mistake when I first received the BG.
While coding the story 2 years later, I finally noticed the mistake in the BG. However, since the BGs were done so long ago, I didn't want to bother the artist about it, so I decided to edit it myself. The edit isn't done very smoothly, but I figured it wouldn't be too noticeable in-game because sprites are always layered on top of this BG.
I forgot to delete the first outside.png image, so it's still in the BG folder, but it never gets used in the story because it doesn't match the text. outside2.png is the more 'accurate' version.

Well, here, if you still need it

Its also some photoshop-scribbles, but maaaybe you'll find it a liiiitle more seamless😁

Oh, this looks a lot better than the very jank version I made! Thank you very much, that was kind of you!
If you don't mind, I'll replace the bg in the current build with this much improved version. I appreciate it a lot! >_<

Absolutely stunning! I haven't had the pleasure to finish it YET but I will for sure devore it when I get a chance. I love the characters and setup. Uuuhg I can't wait to see what happens! 

I did buy the steam version because achievements but figured here could use a review too lol. I also made a video


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Thank you! I'm glad you like it so far! I tried to put a lot of emphasis on the general ~atmosphere~ (maybe at the expense of the plot and the characters hahaha), so I hope it pays off!

*Sees Ebi has a new relaese*buys without hesitation*is not disapointed*

A nice story about growing up and relationships, with a slightly spooky atmosphere.  Nice twist at the end. Now I want to know what happens with them after!


Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! >_<
I'm sure they'll have a relatively happy relationship, even if one party has a bit of a sadistic streak haha ;;

Awesome artsytle!

The art is by:

I think they did a great job!

I'd love to know who did the music too?

The music is by