Sweetest Monster Refrain released

Hello everyone,

I'm just writing a quick post to let you know that a sequel to Sweetest Monster, called Sweetest Monster Refrain, has been released on Itch.io. The VN picks up a few months after Sweetest Monster ends, and it deals with the continuaton of Robin and Bell's... 'relationship'.
You can purchase the VN on Itch.io for $7.99 here, if you're interested.

It's quite a grim story, so please read the content warnings carefully before deciding whether it's something you'd be interested in.

As a further note: Sweetest Monster Refrain will not be available on Steam, unlike the original VN, because it was banned. If want to read it, the only place you can pick it up at the moment is Itch.io. I'm sorry if this causes any inconvenience!

- ebi x

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He leído la novela anterior y por GOD que historia tan buena pero, esta secuela solo está en inglés? O está también en español?

The sequel is only available in English, sorry!

Habrá alguna posibilidad de traducirla al español? 

It's unlikely, given the VN being banned from Steam will have a negative impact on reach and sales. I don't think there'll be much value in paying for other translations now, as I doubt I would be able to recoup the costs.
The Spanish TL you read was done by a fan TL group, though (they didn't ask me permission to translate the VN first), so I suppose there's a chance they might decide to translate the sequel too.

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Bueno, si algún día lo haces entonces lo agradecería. 

Estare pendiente de las noticias :)