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Note: This VN is a direct sequel to Sweetest Monster, which can be found here on Itch.io or here on Steam. It is recommended to read Sweetest Monster first to better understand the story.
This VN is also related one of my other VNs, Lily of the Valley, which can be found here on Itch.io or here on Steam. Reading Lily isn't required to understand Sweetest Monster Refrain, but may enhance the experience.
Sweetest Monster Refrain will not be available on Steam, unlike the first Sweetest Monster, as it was banned from the platform. It will only be available on Itch.io for the forseeable future.

Warning: This VN explores some dark topics such as: depression, suicidal ideation, rape, incest, and pregnancy. Viewer discretion is advised.

"I really do love you... but I won’t forgive you if you try to run away."

Robin Hawkins’s life is falling apart. Stuck in a stagnant marriage with his unaffectionate wife, Sally, and estranged from his teenaged daughter, Melody, Robin seeks solace in the arms of a mysterious younger woman whom he meets on a late night walk: a bewitching cat-eared beauty called Bell.

Bell is not, however, the (cat)girl of Robin’s dreams, as he first fancied – and, the more time he spends with her, the more assured he becomes that Bell comes, instead, from his worst nightmares.

Now that Robin has fallen for Bell’s charms, he finds himself ensnared by her. He longs to escape her clutches, and to salvage matters with his wife and his daughter before things are too late – but some mistakes are impossible to forget, and some sins can never be forgotten.

  • This VN is a direct sequel to Sweetest Monster
  • It is mostly linear, but contains one choice and two different endings
  • It's around 60k in length. 
  • It contains fanservice, sexual content/nudity, and some psychological horror elements readers might find disturbing. 
  • Features entirely custom art and OST. 
  • Written by the author of LynneSweetest Monster, and, Lily of the Valley
  • Contains a cute (and creepy) ex-catgirl! ❤

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Atmospheric, Dark, Erotic, Horror, Male protagonist, Mental Health, Monster Girls, Psychological Horror, Romance
Average sessionA few seconds


Get this game and 2 more for $10.00 USD
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Just finished it and it left me so, so shook. I don't even have words.  I am always, consistently floored by the skill of your writing and prose, and the depths of your storytelling, and also the sheer confidence with which you approach such a dark, messed up story with so much nuance but no clear resolution and no happy ending, a kind of story that is difficult to write well and keep you hooked. It leaves you on such a depressing, devastating yet cathartic note no matter what choice you make, and draws out the kind of emotions that I don't even have words for and I didn't think could exist in a human. I'm deeply mad that Steam banned this also because I really think anyone who read the original and enjoyed this really needs to experience this one too and it not being on steam makes it so much harder to find, but also it's such a well written, beautiful and emotionally resonant piece of art that deserves to have a bigger audience.

Ebi, I want you to know that I think you're an incredible storyteller and writer, and your variety in subject, genre, and content, your skill, and just, the confidence woven into every bit of story you write, the way it feels in each story that you know and understand exactly what you're doing and what area you're working in, both floors and inspires me, as well as the speed and output at which you work, it's so impressive. I am so glad you're out there, making all these many different beautiful pieces of art.


Just the perfect ending to the first one lol! Amazing sequel! I love Lily!


Robin's grim tale has come to an end. No matter which choice he makes, his future is dark and gloomy. The only ray of sunshine is sweet Lily, a mysterious girl who loves doughnuts. Is it possible for her to save Robin, or is it too late?

This visual novel is as well written and atmospheric as its prequel. And it's probably even more depressing. Alas, poor Robin.

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Another excellent entry by ebi-hime. Sweetest Monster and Sweetest Monster: Refrain is probably her best work (out of the five or so I've read) and I have no hesitation in regularly recommending it to people, even those that don't read too much visual novels.

What separates this VN from the rest you see on the market, is ebi-hime's writing. She's a rare talent. Even I don't write as well. Her writing is surprisingly easy to take in and binge for how deep and emotional it gets.
You'd think one would get a little sick of a twenty minute monologue on how much a character hates themself and wants to die, but you don't. Pins and needles, only enhanced by the music.

Music is good. Piano focus is smart

The titular song 'Sweetest Monster' is my favorite. Something about the instruments used. It's a song I strongly associate with the mood of this VN.

Props to the team. Darksin and Ruderoo's art assets are really... paintinglike. The kind of painting that feels comfortable to stare at. The sort of colors and soft lines you remember the world being like when you were a kid.

Haofeng made the GUI assets clean, very professional.

MINOR SPOILERS from hereon out. If itch.io has a spoiler tag function, please let me know.

Let's get this out of the way first, Sally best girl. It's not even really close. It's not just how ubercute she is, part of it is her sheer understanding and reasonable worry.

That said, Bell had a point. I agree with her completely, and if I were in her place, I would operate exactly as she did.

The most hateable character is probably the main character, but you really can't hate him, given it's ebi-hime writing his internal dialogue. I swear, she could make Stalin seem down to earth.

That makes Lily the least relatable character, but her duty, honesty, and goodness is admirable. I'll be picking up Lily of the Valley next.

I'll be honest. I'm a little sad to see the story end. However, stories need conclusions. Forced drama to drag out the narrative ruins good premises, and I respect ebi-hime for not going that route.


Reading ebi-hime's notes, it's really interesting to me that it was partially inspired by Nekopara. I walked away from Nekopara with the same impression as ebi-hime. The dystopian, slavelike nature of the world irritated me.
How can you call it love when one side is shackled to the other by necessity? It reeks of otaku power fantasy. Virgin losers don't have enough game to pull catgirls naturally, so they resort to systematic enslavement? Makes the fuwa fuwa come off as creepy. It doesn't even lean into the creepiness like it could. Never saw the appeal.

I suppose that's a reversal there in Sweetest Monster: Refrain with Bell the catgirl being in control.

Another thing it does better than Nekopara is reflecting the nature of the cat. Cats are not dogs. Left to their own devices, they have a 5 miles radius in their day to day life. They like to roam, meet up with friends, get in fights, hunt, explore, do parkour, etc.
Whereas dogs like defending a central location and getting affection, cats are more whimsical and selfish. If you like catgirls, Bell feels like much more of a catgirl than most catgirls.

Honestly, there's so much of a power gap between Sweetest Monster and Nekopara, I don't even see the comparison.

ebi-hime made the correct decision with the setting being England. It's more unique, and was part of the draw of Sweetest Monster for me. I love seeing the cultural idiosyncrasies of her English settings. Gives me an impression of modern day English comedy/slice-of-life that's more than just the Inbetweeners and Fresh Meat.

On a final, more positive note, I'd like to praise ebi-hime once again. Most great OELVN writers drop one excellent work and then disappear off the map. ebi-hime keeps at it.
More than any other VN producer (Japanese or otherwise), she inspired me the most. OELVNs are often seen as lesser. Less effort, less professionalism, less of a market. ebi-hime proves that assumption wrong by taking her works seriously, and it's really, really, cool to see. If it were anybody else, we wouldn't get a Sweetest Monster: Refrain, but we did. Seeing her take her work seriously makes ME want to take my work seriously, and I can't stress enough how glad I am that I do, because VNs are fun to read and fun to create.



I had to stop and scream multiple times during this VN, because it is so masterfully horribly uncomfortable. Robin you fucked up big time. 

In all seriousness, this was a really compelling read and I enjoyed seeing how it explored that yeah, the ending of SM was utterly horrifying, and it did not pull punches in exploring how horrifying it could be.

Also shout out to Lily, our absolute best girl.


Good sequel! Liked the first one and this one didn't dissapoint.  Really liked the twist of the first one and was always wondering what happend afterwards. Safe to say, went about as I expected. I think the dialoge was good and I think his inner monologues where well done. Maybe a little short for 9.99$(VAT inc) but I maybe that's cause the lack of choices. 

Love the music, it's simple yet effective and the Lonely Lily track really touched me for some reason. Can I find it somewhere? Wanna put it on loop and listen to it for hours ^^.

Heard about this and was surprised to find it not on Steam. Came over here to snap it up. You got me with the twist last time, and I'm excited to read through Refrain, as I always thought it should get a sequel with the way things ended.



It's not available on Steam because the reviewers at Valve decided it wasn't appropriate for the platform and it was banned. I wasn't given any chance to appeal the ban, and I was told I wasn't allowed to resubmit the VN for approval even if I edited things, so I'll never be able to release it on Steam.

It's unfortunate, but that's just the way it is!

Well, if timing isn't off, after you submitted, something happened regarding Anime VNs that seemed to be banned by a rogue employee or something. I believe it surrounded Chaos;Head, so who knows if an appeal will be allowed eventually. 

The first one is missing warnings on steam too.


The decision to ban Chaos;Head was probably reversed because it's a high budget VN made by a well-known company with a big fanbase, so they had enough clout to appeal and get Valve to change their mind.

I am one person with little in the way of financial power or a fanbase, so I very much doubt Valve would ever change their mind re: banning Sweetest Monster Refrain, as they have no incentive to do so.

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If Steam issued a ban it must be a bit more spicy than the first. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Glad to see the sequel is finally here though. 

I know what I'm doing next weekend.


It's actually less spicy than the first, and it doesn't contain any explicit artwork. This is one of the reasons why the Steam ban is so infuriating.

I hope you enjoy it when you get around to reading it!

Wait if it has nothing spicy why was it even banned? >________________________>


It has some explicit text, but no explicit artwork. I presume the text is why it was banned, since whoever reviewed it decided it was 'sexualising minors'. I would contest this, but it is what it is.


Just finished it and overall it was good but the endings felt very sudden. Left me with a "wait that's it?" feeling. 

The original is by far one of the most original and memorable VN's I've experienced. Look forward to getting bewitched by Belle once more ^-^


Any chance of an Android version?


Even after 4 years I still remember the hidden gem that was the first game, the art style and story were so unique at the time, even now, a psychological novel that has remained in my memory.


Absolute madness to make a sequel to the original. And darker too? That's an insta buy


2 Sweet 2 Monster


You made a sequel?  You're mad!  Of course this will be a day 1 purchase. Now I just need to find the time to play it.