A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Lynne is a short visual novel (about 20k words) released on Halloween about the scariest thing in the world - being a teenager. Watch, with no way to change or alter the events, as the heroine gets steadily more and more stressed in the lead-up to her exams, and eventually falls apart.
Available in English, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.

Writing/coding: ebi-hime
Art: An1m4
Music/image editing/additional coding: Sleepy Agents
Backgrounds: various creative commons resources found on flickr
Inspired by the Vocaloid song Rinne by hachi

If you're interested in this story and these characters, you should check out nothing & nowhere, as it is related to Lynne.


Lynne-1.03-market.zip 197 MB


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Masterfully done psychological horror. This VN makes the reader feel uncomfortable by following the daily life of Lynn. Her family is not a perfect one, her dreams are disturbing... and there is also Lynne, her classmate who looks eerily similar to Lynn.

Sorry. What was the update for?


German translation.

Why are you removing the Mac downloads for your games? That's the only way I can play them. It's still possible to play Ren'py games on OS X Catalina

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I'm not publically posting my VNs as having Mac support, as games need to be notarized to run on newer Mac OSes (to my knowing), and I don't have the funds or the means to do that. However, I still build my VNs to be compatible with Mac, and all the builds I upload on itch and Steam have Mac functionality. They should be playable on older Mac OSes, but I don't want to risk advertising them as being compatible on Mac when I know they're not compatible on every OS.

You can still try downloading Lynne to see if it works on your Mac, though. It might, even though it's not advertised as such.

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I just recently found this game and instantly loved it! I really hope you make a sequel to this game? :)

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!
And there is a sequel, it is commercial though. You can find it on itch here or Steam here.

ahh cool sorry I’m a bit late to the party Haha thank you for the help 

i just discovered this game cause of the music it was inspired, anyway i was loving it since now

this game is so good! is more of this going to be made, i really hope so!

Thank you very much!
I might have one or two things planned, but you'll have to wait a little while : >

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Yeah. You're right. Beeing teenager is the worst horror haha

A really like the artstyle. How nice and colorful in comparison to backgrounds are characters. 

And plot is interesting and unpredictible. And stress system seems to be interesting.  The nightmares. Teenage-time crysis. Exams. And all these depresion and feeling of being worthless :( + loosing sanity. it's kinda sad but also very intersting setting for the good story. 

And it's rather long :)

Edit: I only don't understand the meaning of ending scene. She did what never could. She did what she always wanted to. She told what she always wanted to. But in my opinion it would be more interesting to know: what happened in this time in real world,  how has her life changed and what happened after. Yeah ,the story need a good epilogue.

Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it had a compelling story as well as an interesting style. I'll be sure to finish the whole thing in another episode but you can be sure I'm worried for poor Lynne! I made a let's play of your game here~

Thank you for making a let's play! I appreciate it o:
I hope you're enjoying it >_<

You're more than welcome! I'm really enjoying it and super excited to see where it goes :D