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Peace is scarce in the country of Aslande, and it has been at war with the neighbouring country of Eressia for centuries. When one battle ends, another inevitably begins, either months or years later. To Rhea, however, war is a distant concept; something she has heard about, but never witnessed. Born in a small, secluded village, Rhea occupies her life with more mundane concerns: her job at the local hospital, her playful bickering with her friend Asa, and her prayers for a successful harvest come autumn.

However, when Rhea's childhood friend, Luca, returns home to the village after fighting in one of Aslande's many wars, Rhea is suddenly faced with a problem. Why is Luca suddenly so cold, so distant? What did he see out on the battlefield, and how did it change him?

At the same time, new worries plague Rhea, as one of the patients at the hospital is suffering from a rather perplexing illness - and a failure to cure him could have some unpleasant outcomes...

This World Unknown is a fantasy-themed otome game where the player assumes the role of the first person narrator, Rhea, and can romance four available guys. Which route you end up on depends on the choices made during the common route.
The character routes themselves are rather long, and have a lot of plot twists and world building (and lots and lots of characters).
The screen resolution is 1280x720.

Writing, programming: Ebi-hime
Sprites/CGs: Adyrn
Music: Amachamusic & DLsite
Backgrounds: Various. There is a full list of every single BG used, and credited, in a .txt file with the game.

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Published227 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsFantasy, otoge, Otome, otome-game, Romance, Visual Novel


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im super in love with this game!! ive only played the demo so far but im really impressed with how it feels like a very well crafted experience. the straight forward writing works with the simple, clean style of the cgs/sprites and ive always been really impressed with polished games like this. ill definitely be buying a version of it asap!

Thank you, that's very kind of you to say! >///<
I think the clean style of the sprites and CGs suits the writing as well, since the writing is pretty... simple, maybe? XD;;
If you buy the full version, I hope you enjoy it! <3