To Have and to Hold has been released!

Hello everyone! I'm writing this devlog to let you know that I've just released a new NSFW BL VN... And, ahem, you're looking at it right now! Surprise! \o/

I've been working on To Have and to Hold for the last year and a bit, and I'm very happy that I've finally been able to release it and share it with all of you! I hope you enjoy it! I know I had a lot of fun working on it! ♥

To Have and to Hold is a relatively short VN, sitting at around 40k, which should take about 2-4 hours to read. Like a lot of my other VNs, it doesn't have any choices or branches.

To Have and to Hold deals with a disgruntled young man, Yuel, attending a family wedding. After a mix-up at his hotel, he has to share a room and a bed with his brash, obnoxious older cousin, Tavi.

Then, during the wedding itself, Yuel finds himself in a miserable state. Unable to get along with his relatives, many of whom he hasn't seen in over a decade, he starts drinking.

Yuel drinks a too much, in fact, and Tavi has to take care of him - but Tavi gets more than he bargained for when a distressed Yuel spills his heart all over his hands. What will happen next?

Well, it's a NSFW BL VN, so you can probably imagine!

At the moment, the VN is only available on I'll be uploading it on Steam a little later too, though, with achievements. You can check out the Steam store page here if you want to wishlist it there, for anybody who prefers Steam over

Also, some of you might have noticed that these characters look familiar. I like Yuel and Tavi a lot and that's something of an understatement sksksk so I've written a few other VNs about them too. These other VNs, however, are commercial. Yuel and Tavi were originally created for my grimdark BxG VN, All Ashes and Illusions. I found Yuel and Tavi's banter so much fun to write, however, they wormed their ways into my skull.

After writing Ashes, I wound up working on a couple of alt universe BL stories where I can make Yuel and Tavi hook up but, more importantly, bicker a lot hahaha If you're interested in checking out any of the past iterations of them being lovey-dovey, you can check out All Idleness and Ephemera and Unluckily in Love!

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy To Have and to Hold!

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