In Fair Spirits released ✨

Hello everybody! \o/

I'm writing a quick devlog to let everybody know that I've released a new BL, In Fair Spirits, which... should be fairly obvious, I suppose, if you're reading this in the first place haha ;;

In Fair Spirits is a sweet and wholesome slice of life story which details the slowly developing relationship between Edmund, a knight from medieval England who finds himself reincarnated into the 21st century for... reasons, and Abel, a peppy goth boy who speaks in incomprehensible internet slang that Edmund can't parse.

Edmund and Abel might seem like polar opposites, but they find they have a few things in common. They wind up bonding, and then...

Well, this is a romance story, so you can expect lovey-dovey things to happen hehe >w<

This VN is actually the third in a series, the first being The Fairy's Song and the second being The Fairy's SecretIn Fair Spirits is a direct sequel to The Fairy's Secret, and it takes place around a year after the events of that story. You don't need to have read Fairy's Song or Fairy's Secret to grasp what happens here, however, as this story is largely standalone.

The protagonist of this VN, Edmund, has a very minor role in The Fairy's Song and a slightly more developed role in The Fairy's Secret, but here, he gets to shine a bit more. The love interest Abel, meanwhile, is a brand new character created just for this story, who exists to play off Ed (and to talk about outdated Tumblr memes lol).

I hope you enjoy this VN if you do choose to check it out! I think Ed and Abel are both very cute boys, and I'd love to know what other people think about them! 💚✨

- ebi x

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Nov 10, 2023
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Nov 10, 2023

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