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Marnie is a young goth girl with a less-than-cheery disposition. Her parents are going away for a week of sun and surf in Bordeaux, and Marnie has been palmed off in her grandmother’s care in the backwater English village Fenchapel.

Marnie isn’t much looking forward to her week in the sticks. Fenchapel is a small village with a population below 500, without any shops or cinemas. Marnie’s sure she’ll be bored out of her skull – and then, there’s her grandmother’s continued ravings about fairies.

“Don’t venture too far into the forest,” Grandma Iris warns. “There are strange creatures in there, and if they find you, they’ll never let you leave.”

Of course, Marnie ignores her grandmother’s warnings. Fairies don’t exist, after all – and Fenchapel is so tiny, what can she do other than explore?

And so, Marnie wanders into the forest…

While exploring, Marnie happens upon a young female knight in a glade, clutching a sword. The knight has been sleeping for many centuries, but Marnie (inadvertently) awakes her. The young knight calls herself Leofe. She does not know why she went to sleep, but she knows that the forest itself is plagued by a horrible curse, and she is the only one who can lift it.

Together, the two young girls go on an adventure. They learn of Fenchapel’s storied past, and with the passing days, their feelings towards one another grow.

Fenchapel, as it transpires, is far more interesting than Marnie imagined.

- 85,000 words of text (approx 4-6 hours of reading)
- A kinetic story with no choices or branches
- Detailed character and event artwork
- An entirely original soundtrack
- A sweet yuri love story
- A cute female knight!

Writing/programming: ebi-hime
Sprite/CG art: AuCrowne
Extra Art: Renmiou, RemyArt, Sysen
Background art: BackgroundTK
UI: ds-sans
Music: Hope
Chinese translation: Yuri atelier
German translation: Saryana


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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I really enjoyed it. Perfect if you want to chill reading something short and uplifting. Nice art and cute characters: it's fun to watch them grow throughout the story. Actually, I'd love a sequel about them dealing with either mundane or weird stuff at home and school :-)   

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I'm not going to make any promises, but a sequel might not be off the table for this story. I've been kicking a few ideas around...

This would be awesome :-) I think there is definitely a lot of potential there, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for writing this stuff ;-)  

I loved this VN ! The story was very good

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Pursued by a knight with a sword that almost cut my face, what do I do mind you ? I'm a modern teenager. Of course I'd have a flashback about me wanting to dye my hairs !


Joke aside. I'm skipping whole non-dialogs segment now, I'm booored. The protagonist is not special at all, nor her friend from the past, and the challenge doesn't seem endearing at all. Agh. I hate to recognize this but this may be my worst VN yet ; it's too beautiful to be dismissed like that, I know that writer has done material I love, and so I don't dare to just skip. ...Auto-afflicted pain ensuing :o


And I finished it. I liked the small last story, but 95% of the reste were boring to me I'm affraid :(

Gah ! I prefer when I'm rambling about how good your  stories are, believe me.

decided check this out after blackberry honey, both were great! very wholesome and cute, loved the story (all ties together nicely), Fairytale and folklore elements. looking forward to ebi-hime's next VNs 

Thank you!

Whoo! Now I currently own all your games (over steam, denpasoft, and itch.io). Can’t wait for upcoming projects!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy them! <3

Omg, adorable goth GF and adorable knight GF have amazing adorable adventures. Pure sugar with just a hint of gloom. Awesome