Russian translation + the upcoming release of The Fairy’s Secret

Hi everyone!

I’m writing this to let you know that The Fairy’s Song has been translated into Russian by the very talented (and very hard-working) Mikhail "KornyPony" Burov-Kosolapin, who’s translated a few of my other VNs into Russian over the last few months: Dreamy Planet and The Mermaid of Zennor among them.

This newest update also fixes a handful of typos found in the English script, and it also fixes a few sprite placement errors which occurred when the game was in skip mode. Now, the sprites should always display where they’re supposed to, and they should never be misaligned!

Oh, and while I’m here, I’ll also let you know I’ve been working a sequel to The Fairy’s Song called The Fairy’s Secret. The Fairy’s Secret was recently been approved for release on Steam, so I’m hoping to get it all wrapped up and released by the 13th of February. I hope you’re all looking forward to reading more about Marnie and Lisbeth’s adventures!

If you’re interested, please consider wishlisting The Fairy’s Secret here, so Steam will notify you when it releases!
And, of course, I'll be releasing The Fairy's Secret here on too, if you'd rather buy it here!

Thank you very much for your continued support! It’s very much appreciated!

- ebi x

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Feb 04, 2023

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How connected will it be with the previous story? I read it a long time ago and was wondering if I would be able to jump right into the new one without rereading The Fairy's Song. 

It takes place about two years after the events of The Fairy's Song, featuring the same main cast of characters.
If you can recall in broad strokes what happens in The Fairy's Song it shouldn't be too confusing, though!

Will it be released on as well?

Yes, of course! I said it would be available on in the update!