A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Trigger warning This VN does not feature any explicit textual or graphical depictions of blood or gore. It does, however, mention these topics:
- drowning
- being buried alive
- cannibalism
- bullying
- veiled mentions of homophobia
Which might upset people. Reader discretion is advised.

Available in English, Deutsch, Español, Português (Brasil), 简体中文, Русский, and Українська.

You are running through a forest.

It is late at night and the sky is as black as pitch.

The trees which surround you, jutting out of the earth like eerie monuments to a foreign god, are blotting out most of the moonlight.

You do not know where you are going.

You have no map; no route; no plan.

You have no desire, as you run, save to escape.

You cannot let yourself be caught.

All you can do is run, on and on and on...

But, despite all of your hard work, your best efforts will, invariably, be in vain. It’s already too late for you. After all...

You’ll never be able to escape from me.

  • About 50k words of text (approx 2-3 hours of reading)
  • A branching story with several choices
  • 800x600 resolution for that old-timey aesthetic
  • Custom character artwork
  • A custom soundtrack which comes bundled with the VN
  • Three(?) pretty girls who will love you to death
  • Three exciting ways to die!!!
  • An archly amused narrator who berates you for your poor life decisions
  • Cannibalism  ♥

Writing & programming: ebi-hime
Character art: Mossinasi
GUI: Elduator
Background art: Various creative commons resources found on Flickr
Music: yuzuki
German translation: Saryana
Spanish translation: Riunn
Brazilian Portuguese translation: Fepulo
Chinese translation: Yuri Atelier
Russian translation: Mikhail "KornyPony" Burov-Kosolapin
Ukrainian translation: vrsstk
Ukrainian editor: Lacki23


Itgetssolonelyhere-1.0-pc.zip 141 MB
Itgetssolonelyhere-1.0-mac.zip 107 MB
com.ebihime.lonely-release.apk 121 MB
It gets so lonely here OST.zip 535 MB

Development log


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evil women 10/10

when does the game take place?

i love iiiiitttt

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This was a very impressive gamejam game!

I had a lot of fun reading it and awaiting the dooms that befalls us and their relationship~

The princess was my favorite~

I need to check out the german translation as well sometime!

I loved this so much, it breaks the fourth wall, its cruel, it does no other vn does, its amazingly unique, if your looking for a different style in vns or like ddlc style i definitely reccomend this one even if your not, this is a masterpiece despite it having way too much monologue and way too lack of visuals this is still one of the best vns I've ever played

I love it soooooo much!


Hi I was wondering if you could tell me how to uhm [spoilers]

could you tell me how to summon the witch please please please

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Just like, replay all the routes. Ya can skip

I meant in real life

este juego es HERMOSO me encanto (aviso de spoiler) no hay un buen final pero los detalles son hermosos me encanto el juego y lo mejor esta gratis las 3 mejores horas de mi vida 1000/10 ojala salgan mas juegos como este en itch.io en vez de cosas de furros gracias ebi por este grandioso juego sigue asi y llegaras lejos

ademas los diseños son hermosos la sepultera la princesa y la sirena y ambientacion es hermoso

Pero ¿que la perseguia en el bosque? Es una duda que dudo que tenga respuesta

El fin juego muy bueno merece mas fama y reconocimiento

It took me way, way too long to actually play this especially considering I knew it would be exactly up my alley but ahhhhh, Ebi, I love this VN so much!!!

Spoilery stuff down here I guess?

I've always been intrigued by second-person perspective and the possibilities they offer and this was a wonderful exploration! A bunch of the themes in this are so similar to Duskbound, like the importance placed on names and the different endings all having a place in the narrative canonically. I loved the princess route the most I think, the idea of eating someone as an expression of love just resonates. It's the perfect crossroads of romance and horror. (I don't know if you've read Toilet Bound Hanako-kun but it also includes this beautifully, big rec!) Reading something so cool has reignited my passion for making my own stuff. Thank you so much Ebi!!! 


I love it when women are awful :]

me too <3

me too

This was such a good game. I really like how lonely you can feel by playing it. And not only that, even when you finish it. Such a cool idea for a theme! And atmosphere aaaaa I liked it the most!

Possible spoilers!

 Characters were nice as well! Princess was my favorite, I love her design and her personality. Tho overall they all were kind, nice, not too yandere-ish. When I thought more about their motives and context, it made more and more sense... Also I liked glimpses of mc's backstory, I feel so bad for her :'((

Final ending was great, it was a nice conclusion! It was good to see mc standing up for herself and idea with starting new game to see what witch is doing was a very cool thing as well~ Also artstyle was sooooooooo pretty i love cg with Princess and mc in the garden, it is so pretty!!



The 180s on everything when you wake up (not the mermaid). the still image of the dungeon or realizing she is in a coffin was very heart dropping and you even know its coming, the only "good" option is giving up too so yay

the witch is hot  

Also why will the data reset if I play again and its sad I cannot play their route again without reseting the data.


The story of the game was breathtaking, and even the drawing. I liked the poetic phrases in the story, but I noticed that there was repetition of some phrases, and I did not like that. There was also not taking into account the order of choices,this made me realize that there is no hope for a good ending other than these things. The game was very good in the rest of the topics. each death had my heart thumping

la verdad esque te deja pensando un poco los graficos y la tematica es genial y puedes sentir el dolor de la protagonista   y lo demas las frases un 20 de 10 este juego es genial recuerda nunca estaras solo;]

Precioso! pobre brujita, solo queria ser amada :C

Si :C

Rating 10/8.5  

opinion  :

The story of the game was very good, and even the drawing. I liked the poetic phrases in the story, but I noticed that there was repetition of some phrases, and I did not like that. There was also not taking into account the order of choices, for example, the princess expected me to know the subject of the plague, and also if I chose the castle path directly. In the first choice at the end, you will remember Einstein's definition of insanity as repeating something and waiting for a different result, but I was in my first stage, and this made me realize that there is no hope for a good ending other than these things. The game was very good in the rest of the topics, and I am sure that it is an experience worth your time. in the end  I want to thank the people who worked on making the game for their efforts  

Stuck on starting screen on mobile

What do you mean by the starting screen? Do you mean the language chooser, the main menu, or something else?

There was just a black and white image upon opening it, nothing else started even when I left it for like 20 minutes and restarted

Not sure what you mean by 'black and white image': are you talking about the Ren'py loading screen?
If so, it means the game never booted up at all. Maybe the download was corrupted. You can try deleting it and reinstalling it to see if it works this time.

It's just this

The code for choosing your language isn't working on your phone for whatever reason. I'm not sure what the issue as it works just fine on my Android device. I can only suggest that you delete the game and redownload it, and if it still doesn't work you'll either have to play it on a PC/laptop (if you have one) or give the game a miss.

This game is extremely well made, I honestly can't stop thinking about it months after playing. The analogies and art, the backgrounds and storyline are so cool!!!

10/10 game, loved every second.


i already finished the game like weeks ago but ony now deciding to comment bc i absolutely need to get this off my chest (spoilers)


This looks so cool!  I'm gonna download it for later and give my thoughts after I play it :)

awesome game


how to even open the game broo *crys*


Hello, ebi-hime, I am a player from China, I played your visual novel game some time ago, I felt very good, the fairy tale and fantasy atmosphere is full, the music is also very good, but the disadvantage is that there is no Chinese, but now the Chinese is updated, I am very happy, I can better recommend to other people, I am here to express my thanks to you. Hope you can keep going

This is great!!

This game is simply beautiful. 10/10


and they say romance is dead

This was such a fun game!! Thank you for creating it 

Very good game What I understood is that it is a kind of analogy to death and how no matter how many things you try it can always happen, at first I didn't like it because you couldn't make decisions but then it makes sense final rating 9.9 I just didn't end up liking that they always reused although in the end everything is good
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before i download this, i'm curious on how good this game is! i don't want to waste my data on a bad game so someone pls tell Me would you recommend this to Anyone???? pls ^u^

i totally recomend it's really good and i dig this kind of games, the descriptions and dialogues were so beautifully written but it can get a bit boring because you get paragraphs after paragraphs of just description but exept for that i still think it's a great game and i hope you'll like it if you end up playing :))))))

thanks for replying, I'll Start playing now :^)

how do I open the game ??? 

Definitivamente me gustó. 10/10

Ya se lo recomendé a una amiga.

i was drowned before the first date 0/10



Thanks for the Chinese translation!

I played this game last year, but English is not my native language, so I didn't fully understand the plot.With the Chinese translation finally understand the plot

I love the narrative of this game. Thank you for your creation!


 i love this game. i love the mermaid and the gravekeeper and the princess. i stand for women. i stand for their wrongs. i love their wrongs. amazing. 10/10. cannot begin to explain how excited i was reading through the game notes and figuring out i could play again !! I LOVE WOMEN #LESBIAN #FEMINISM

ngl ...


This is beautiful, I absolutely love lesbian horror romance<3

Thank you very much!

Died 4 times... das crazy


just like real life... crazy...



I love it

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