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Note: This story depicts a consensual romantic relationship between a pair of first cousins. You might want to avoid this story if this subject matter would upset you.

Yuel’s life is stagnating. He’s twenty-one years old, in his third and final year of university, but his interest in his subject is waning and he doesn’t have any friends to confide in. His days are dull and uninteresting, and he longs for something to break up the monotony of his unremarkable routine – at least, until his father dies.

Unsure of how to cope with this news, Yuel’s mental health collapses. Not knowing who to turn to during such a tumultuous time, he eventually decides to ask his cool and competent older cousin, Tavi, for help.

Tavi is effortlessly cheerful where Yuel is awkwardly withdrawn; outgoing and confident where Yuel is shy and self-conscious; flippant and irreverent where Yuel is stern and serious.

Tavi takes it upon himself, after seeing the state of his younger cousin, to cheer Yuel up to the best of his abilities. Yuel, however, is unaccustomed to kindness, and his feelings for Tavi soon become startlingly sensuous.

Yuel’s life is hard enough as it is, what with his turbulent childhood, his non-existent social life, and now his father’s sudden death, but this pushes things to a tipping point. What in the world is he going to do now, after falling in love with his own older cousin?

  • 120k of text (approx 5-8 hours of reading)
  • A kinetic story with no choices or branches
  • A cute bonus story feat. Yuel turning into a catboy!!!
  • Detailed character and background artwork
  • A custom OST
  • A sweet, emotional BL story with some drama
  • Yuel being extra adorable

Writing & programming: ebi-hime
Sprite/CG art: Kimiyoto
Extra Art: Sysen, Thai Chau
Background art: BackgroundTK
UI: ds-sans
Music: Mock Off
Opening movie: Phinalgo

PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Anime, Boys' Love, Cozy, Erotic, Gay, LGBT, Romance, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$10.99 USD or more

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I stayed up til midnight finishing this one. I'm obsessed with these two! Their dynamic is so cute and Yuel struggling with coming to terms that he's in love with his own cousin make me cry but the happy endings make me smile.

I can relate to Yuel in a lot of ways, mostly because of mental health issues, but I love seeing him find someone who loves him. 

And I love how Tavi has such a small pool of people he cares about, but that Yuel is one of them, and possibly even his favorite, is so sweet. 

Aaa thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! ♡
This comment was one of the first things I read when I woke up and it made me happy for the rest of the day haha >_<

I'm very fond of Yuel and Tavi too, their dynamic is a lot of fun to write... I am very fond of all the banter ♡
I'm sorry that the story made you cry though! Hopefully the ending made up for it!
It's fun to put them in dramatic and tense scenarios, but I don't like being too mean to them most of the time so I had to give them a happy ending haha ;;

Thank you! ♡

I actually enjoy stories that have some conflict, and considering Yuel's personality and upbringing, OF COURSE he deals with horrible depression. So I don't mind crying, especially if there's a happy ending. 

A big part of Yuel and Tavi's relationship is that Yuel has some pretty serious mental health issues but Tavi loves him nonetheless. It's an important part of their dynamic, so I'm glad it's appreciated 🙏

Yes! That's what I love so much!

Although, knowing that Yuel's mom and Tavi's dad were a thing, my headcanon is that they're half brothers but don't know it. Especially after playing All Idleness and Ephemera. Either way, I love seeing them accept each other flaws and all.

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...That was unexpected.

Dumb question, but which of your vns are nsfw and either m/m or f/m? Just want to make sure I pick them up in one swoop before the sale ends.

Aaah let's see...
When you say f/m, I presume you mean stories with a female MC pursuing a male LI? I've written a few nsfw m/f VNs (male MC with female love interests), but no nsfw f/m VNs.

As for my commercial nsfw m/m VNs, there's only Unluckily in Love and All Idleness and Ephemera so far.

Oh I meant either a girl pursuing a guy, a guy pursuing a girl, or really any straight relationship. 

Specifying straight as a bi guy feels weird tho and I wanted to put f in front of m since I dislike the convention of typically putting m stuff in front of f lmao. Sorry for the confusion!

But yeah, what are your nsfw m/f vns? And thanks for telling me the nsfw m/m vns!

If you're ok with m/f romance too then I've also written (as far as nsfw stories go):
- The Language of Love
- My Lovey-Dovey Demon
- Sweetest Monster (this one is really grim though)
- Sweetest Monster Refrain (this one is also really grim)

Thank you so much!

Hey so I was thinking about playing this but I saw you also have "All Idleness and Ephemera", which I think its about these same characters. Which one could be categorized as the "main" one or the one that I should play first?


UIL and Idleness both share the same main characters, yes, but they're set in different universes and the two stories are unrelated. You don't need to read one to understand the other. Idleness is mostly sex-focused and has very little plot, whereas UIL is a more standard slowburn romance story with a bigger focus on cute character interactions. Which order you want to read them in doesn't really matter.

Okay! Tysm for the reply <3

Deleted 286 days ago

Aaaah thank you for the long comment ;a; It's appreciated!!!

Ashes is the very first story I wrote about Yuel back in 2019! It wasn't until a year a bit later that I thought it might be fun to pair Yuel and Tavi together and I wrote Idleness, then Unluckily in Love...
And then a bunch more stuff during 2022 and early 2023 because I love these characters and they're really fun to write lmao

But, yes, Yuel was originally conceived as an unhinged yandere-adjacent manchild who does some Pretty Bad Things To Women lol...
I thought his banter with Tavi in the original Ashes was so much fun that I wound up shipping them together, though, so Yuel turned into a disaster bi instead of just an awful straight guy lmao
I think he's still bi in Ashes, since he comments on how handsome Tavi is in his internal monologues from time to time, but he's so dedicated to Safiya his feelings for Tavi don't progress much further than that u_u

I'm glad you think Yuel and Tavi make for a good couple! I think so too!
I'm very fond of my boys, so it's always really nice to hear from other people who also like them ;a;

I might be writing another VN about them too, because why not...
I love them too much lol, I can't help myself, hahahaha............

Deleted 286 days ago

Aaaa no, thank you ;a;

I'm not always good at replying to my comments, but I tend to reply to most stuff about My Boys b/c I love them so much ;a;

I have written a lot of Content about these two, but I probably won't share all of it b/c it really is just, The Most lol
It makes me very happy to hear other people also enjoy them though! You made my day ♥


Ahhhh so cute

Sarà disponibile anche per Mac prossimamente? Lo spero davvero ❤️

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I've got a question for dev! Do you plan on making more BL stories? Cuz I usually seek only gay stories and, well... I think I fell in love with your writing. I just wanna read more of your kinetic novels TWT. 

Already checked (and played) few others on your page, but Unluckily in Love just took my breath away... The characters, their interactions and dialogues, the fluff and comfort... I literally binge-played it and now I'm feel empty cuz I wanna ready more ahahaha ;_; what am I gonna do with myself..


Aaa, thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed Unluckily in Love so much; I'm very fond of it too! Yuel and Tavi are some of my favourite characters; their banter is a lot of fun to write >w<

I have written a couple of other BL VNs (LoToTo and What Happened the Night Before) but they're relatively short VNs I worked on for game jams. They're not as polished as UIL because I didn't have as much time to spend polishing and perfecting the scripts - though they are both free.

I'm working on a couple of other longer BL VNs which will be commercial, which will hopefully be of a similar quality to UIL, but I have a lot of WIP projects at the moment so I'm not sure when I'll be able to release them. I'll do my best, though!
(As an aside, I've also written a lot of stuff about Yuel and Tavi specifically because I enjoy writing their interactions so much... I'm not sure if I'll do anything with all of this ~stuff~ at the moment though. I did share some misc Yuel/Tavi scenes with people on my Discord server who were interested though.)

Could you give me a link to your Discord, please? ♥ 

I'd love to check it out! 

Sure! I have a link to it on my Itch.io profile page, but you can also join it here if you want!

If you ever decide to make a DLC or something for Tavi and Yuel with the stuff you wrote, I'm definitely gonna check it! :) ♥ ♥ ♥ 

W-why sooo cute waaah ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡ .*・。゚

My babies are very cute, haha ;w;