It gets so lonely here coming to Steam

Hi everyone,

I'm just writing a quick post to let you know that I have plans to release It gets so lonely here on Steam!

The Steam build will be more or less identical to the build, but I'll be uploading it on Steam with a couple of extra languages (German and Spanish) supported. I'll also update the build with these languages, naturally, but the Steam version with have more languages supported on release.

The Steam version will also have achievements, if that's something you're interested in.

If you want to wishlist it on Steam, you can do so here. More wishlists will help boost visibility of the VN, so it should be able to reach more people when it comes out. Your support would be very much appreciated!

Thank you everybody for checking out It gets so lonely here, and for leaving so many supportive comments about this project. It's all very much appreciated!

- ebi x

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Hi, I'm a big fan of your work, just wanted to ask if you're planning on releasing the Mac version on Steam too? Thanks.

Oh HELL YEAH!!! I adored this VN, Ebi. So much!! I'm a voice actor that played it live. If you'd like to check out my run, reach out to Tundra. He'll point you my way. I am planning on bringing more of your work to my channel ASAP. Hope to hear from you soon!


Well, as someone who likes Steam as a platform (aside from their ridiculous coin flip bans in regards to VNs) it's great to see more of your stuff there! Added to wishlist and followed.

P.S. It'd be great to see more of your work that isn't on Steam make their way there eventually!


All of my commercial VNs (minus Sweetest Monster Refrain, which was banned from Steam) are available on Steam. I'm a bit hesitant about releasing all of my free VNs on there, however, as I'd need to pay $100 per app, and it'll add up quickly given the number of free VNs I've released.

Thank you for the support, though!


I strongly dislike Steam as a platform, but yeah, as a creator, sell where you gotta.

Also, I love how the headline looks, it seems to say that you will be lonely going to Steam.


The VN will still be free on Steam, so I won't exactly be 'selling' it; it's just another place it'll be available. You don't need to DL it on Steam if you already DLed it on, since both builds will be exactly the same.